Classes and Activities


Specially designed for 4 to 6 year olds, our TIGER class gives kids an early introduction to all that Taekwondo has to offer. We include age appropriate exercises and activities to help young ones sharpen balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. They will also learn many different skills they need for school and life: discipline, focus, self-control, respect and confidence. We make learning fun by providing a high energy environment that keeps small children engaged and enriched.


For 7 to 11 year old students, our children's classes are divided between BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED based on belt rank/color. Each class comes with a complete curriculum that will take the students from white to black belt; teaching self-defense, confidence, respect, focus, concentration, self discipline, goal setting and patience. We will teach them these essential tools for life-long success in a fun and safe environment.

Teen / Adult

For 12 years and older. No matter what your belt level, this is a fitness and self-defense training class you can look forward to that will inspire you to give your best. Taekwondo training will transform your whole body and your energy level; take control of your thoughts and your stress level; let you focus on the moment; teach you self defense will give you confidence to take on all challenges.


Taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport providing plenty of opportunity to compete. Students will get a feel for what competition fighting might be like by sparring multiple partners in the class. Students are encouraged to use the techniques taught in the class and improvise to their advantage. If students wish to, they will be encouraged to enter competitions.

Demonstration Team

Taekwondo trains mind and body, and this team members will demonstrate their training. They will need not only teamwork and individuals' skills but also confidence and concentration. The Sky Demonstration Team is a group that sets an example to others. They are reminded trying their best always comes before becoming the best.

Leadership Team

The best way to learn is to teach someone. Once you learn, you grow a notch. But once you teach, you learn twice and grow two notches. This program challenges the students to continue to grow. Self motivation, consideration of others, and effective communication—basic skills of powerful and positive leadership—are emphasized.

Birthday Party

An hour and a half of safe and fun-filled time with friends and family AND Sky Taekwondo leaders! Students will participate in various team building games and exciting Taekwondo lessons, including target kicking and fake-board breaking. Everyone will enjoy Taekwondo moves demonstration, birthday cake cutting, and pizza.